The Jonboat Journal, Your Information Dirt Road. A country humor online magazine of fishing stories, hunting stories, tall tales and whoppers.

The Jonboat Journal. Fishing stories, hunting stories, country humor and tall tales from a day gone by. We're your Information Dirt Road.

Your Information Dirt Road

WELCOME to the easiest going drawl on the Internet

As the old song says, "Take off your coat,  throw it in the corner... don't see why you can't stay a little longer."  The Jonboat Journal  is a collection of about a century's worth of fishing and hunting stories, tall tales, whoppers, and just plain ol' country humor.

The Jonboat Journal was a desktop published newsprint magazine distributed throughout Illinois and adjoining Midwest states from 1993 to 1995, until the publisher/editor got involved in Internet commerce and something had to give.  But it felt like setting a child adrift to sell the little rag and this web site is both an apology and a bit of therapy.  Like sitting back down at the campfire with an old fishin' buddy.  We don't use the King's english in our story-telling, but when the channels and flatheads were biting we certainly ate like kings.

If you have a story you believe would fit the genre, please feel welcome to submit it.  There's info on how to do that below.

So, kick off your shoes and enjoy. There's squeezin's for the grownups and cider for the kids in the icebox. Help yourself. Soon as the sun goes down we're expecting Sheriff Andy with his guitar, the Darling family boys (Dillards), Earnest T. Bass with his kerosene can and who knows who else might roll in and snug-up around the campfire. And if you brought your music, "just jump in and hang on tight." [Briscoe Darling]


A Night in a Jungle Hammock
Coleman Lantern Hisses and Hedge Fire Pops
The Duck Hunt
The Froggin' Incident
Not Yours To Give (Col. David Crockett)
Ol' Teardrop
Old Saws

Other Stuff:
Every Country Jake's Reference (photo)
Webmaster's Fambly Album (Pickin' and Grinnin' pics)

More being added real soon.  Hold your horses, or better yet, submit one of your own.

Know you're always welcome here.  We have dozens more tall tales and whoppers to be added ASAP.  Don't be a stranger and don't forget to bookmark the ol' Jonboat Journal.

Please see our submission guidelines page if you would like to contribute to the fun.  There's no money in it, just the chance at global fame as the new Will Rogers or Minnie Pearl (ask your grandparents).

Your comments and critiques are also most welcome. Click to post us a e-mail.

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