Submission Guidelines

Stories submitted should be for general audiences and mindful of the general tone and genre of The Jonboat Journal.  Any use of profanity should be measured carefully, and usually allowable only as a quote, according to its worth to the story.  The parties responsible for The Jonboat Journal reserve the right to edit for length, or reject for publication, any submitted material.

Generally, a 1,500 -- 3,000 word story will fit best.

Submit as unformatted, plain text e-mail only, please.  Note that as plain text e-mail submissions, no italicized, bold or other embellishments will be noticed.  If such is essential to any part of the article, please feel free to use HTML tags, but please limit their use.

Include full contact info and indication as to whether you wish your byline to be hypertexted for e-mail click-on.

All rights are retained by the author.  Submitting for online publication for this online Jonboat Journal implies rights to the Jonboat Journal to display the work online and this forum only.  No other rights are conferred or implied without further written agreement between parties.

Disclaimer:  The Jonboat Journal, it's publisher and all parties associated with this online publication shall neither bear nor share any liability for works displayed by other authors, and by submitting works for publication to this forum the all authors agree to hold harmless The Jonboat Journal and all parties involved in producing The Jonboat Journal.

That's it.

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